AMPC and ADDCAT develop novel metal catalytic reactors for air purification!

AMPC and ADDCAT develop novel metal catalytic reactors for air purification! 800 599 Arno Gramsma

AddCat and AMPC Solutions bv are collaborating in a project to develop novel metal catalytic reactors for air purification based on a new 3D-printing process. The new process consists of printing polymer filaments in which metal particles are embedded by means of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). The structure of the reactor is produced quickly and easily by extrusion these filaments. The aim is to find a composite material that, after the FDM 3D printing process and a thermal post-treatment, is suitable as a catalytic reactor with high thermal conductivity. The first tests are performed on the AMPC print farm solution, using the composite material Ultrafuse 316L from BASF on the Ultimaker S5 Pro configuration. Major advantages for production are achieved because machines and materials are cheaper, production is safer and production speed is greatly increased compared to, for example, SLS/SLM. The printed reactors demonstrate high conversion of malodorous compounds.

The image shows a FDM printed part on the left (polymer is still present), and with SLS/SLM on the right. Also, an image is added with the FDM printed part after debinding/sintering process.

This project is supported by a contribution from the Stimuleringsfonds Metropoolregio Eindhoven

Fontys has opted for the AMPC cabinets for a Ultimaker configuration and thus acquired the latest reliable technology with the Ultimaker S3 and S5. With the newest software from Cura Digital Factory is the management of the AMPC printfarm  a lot easier and  scalable. In addition, there is now much more choice of supported engineering materials. Which makes the applications in WTB and Mechatronics very applicable. Fontys was also very fond of the AMPC Solutions, in which security, service friendliness, scalability were clear features to invest in this configuration.


Smart Collaboration!

Smart Collaboration! 1108 605 Arno Gramsma

A smart collaboration between two very experienced partners in a new Company in Industrial Additive Manufacturing

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