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With our experience and expertise in 3D Printing it’s only logical that we provide 3D Printing support.

In case you do want to have your own 3D Printer in your organisation we guarantee to provide the best installation support

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Printing Support

AMPC focusses on stainless steel metal printing based on FDM technic. So no wonder we provide a printing support based on our specialty. The Ultimaker S5 and the S3 make this happen. The bounded metal filament systems provide safe, simple and cost efficient production of metal parts for prototypes, metal tooling, and functional parts. Our high-quality metal filament makes the additive manufacturing of metal printing more simple, less expensive, swifter and accessible to everyone.

Installation Support

AMPC can help you with a full installation support of your industrial Additive Manufacturing Production Cluster. From delivery to setup to keeping your printers up and running. At AMPC you can only expect the best.


AMPC Printfarms are delivered fully functional and modular pre-assembled depending on the size of the Printfarm. If desired, AMPC will support you with the entire shipping process, from ex-works to door-to-door, including all paperwork such as customs clearances.


AMPC Printfarms are industrial production clusters. Your AMPC 3D Printer can be unpacked and setup at your location by an AMPC certified technician. Setup includes calibration of your machine, a test print, and a Final Acceptance Test (FAT).

Introduction to operation

After setting up your printfarm our certified technician will give you a short introduction to explain the operation of your new industrial 3D Printfarm. You’ll be ready to start straight away with your production.

”Printer problems are quickly and conveniently solved”

AMPC Printfarms are designed to manufacture at high quality 24/7, day in day out. All our 3D Printfarms come with a warranty and we will be there when you need us.

Our quick & convenient resolution process means your machine will soon be back to work, wherever you are on the globe. Our support system ensures we will quickly assign our most qualified team members to resolve particularly difficult issues.

AMPC also offers different service contracts depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information