One is sometimes not enough. Create your own users and decide what role will have each one in your company. This way, you can restrict their actions and identify who is responsible for each of them.


Create different users and determine their roles with different access and hierarchical permissions. With this functionality you will be able to manage as many factories as you wish and establish the following roles:

Master: Senior user who has the responsibility for the total administration of the platform in all factories.

Factory manager:User with the highest level of hierarchy within his own factory and who authorizes the production of the projects created by the Designer.

Designer: User who can create and modify projects, upload and request printing, as well as delete and cancel his own projects.

Operator: User in charge of running the prints, authorized by the Factory manager, as he can accept the tasks to print the 3D models, remove them and, in case of failure, even resume them. In addition, he also has other permissions related to the configuration of the printers, such as preheating before starting manufacturing.


With the profile hierarchy, roles with more permissions can activate the functionality to restrict the actions of other users and have full control of the permissions.

PRINT&GO informs you, at all times, of the different tasks and users that have been part of the entire 3D printing process. This way, you will be able to identify which user has executed each step and have total control of each print.


Establishes a hierarchy over the user who uploads the 3D models, the one who accepts them for production and the one who receives the final print order.


With the new task review tool, the most senior and responsible user will also have full control of the print queue. This way, when accessing the task repository, he will accept or deny the projects that other users have added to the print queue.


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