Establish direct contact with our technical team and 3D printing specialists through the 24/5 Help Desk with live chat and calls and with the possibility of activating the direct remote service. You will be able to access the FAQs section with the PRINT&GO manuals, which our specialists have prepared for you. In addition, you will have exclusive services such as Backup, Swap Service and Predictive Analysis Production so that our specialists can know the status of your equipment and your 3D prints and be more effective when it comes to solving a problem.


If your equipment detects an error with any of your prints, we will manufacture your part in our facilities at no cost. With PRINT&GO you will have an exclusive service, in which our technical department will telematically recover your 3D models in manufacturing queue, diagnose the error and start up your prints in a maximum of 24 hours. This PRINT&GO service includes the parts, the manufacturing and the transport service.


If you have a breakdown with your 3D printer, in a maximum of 24 hours, we will pick it up and change it for one of the same model. This way, you will be able to continue working while our technical service repairs yours.


A service that is the result of more than 6 years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry. Our application engineers and specialized service technicians have been collecting all possible errors in the 3D printing industry for years and have transformed them into a knowledge base for you to consult whenever you need it.


We have a technical service specialized in 3D printing Help Desk 24/5, integrated in the PRINT&GO platform, so that our customers can contact us and ask any questions they may have.

We have an internal system that controls and registers the possible errors of your 3D printer. This way, we know what could be going wrong and we can solve it immediately in case of an alarm.

In our platform, you will find all the official guides and user manuals of the main 3D printer manufacturers we work with.

You will have access to parts of 3D models configured for each printer model that will validate the correct operation of the machine. The manufacturing of these parts allows our technicians to diagnose faster and validate the correct repair with total certainty.


You will be able to control all the maintenance, thanks to alerts, instructions and an exhaustive control of them. Each printer has a key icon to access its maintenance and expiry times. In addition, we have also integrated a direct link to the manufacturer’s information on how to perform this maintenance and the time needed to do it.


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