The fundamental pillar of PRINT&GO and of all your 3D printing productions. Start manufacturing more efficiently with the implementation of the basic module, which will help you to fully manage one or more printers, regardless of the brand or type of connection. Work centrally, automated and in real time.


With PRINT&GO and a simple click you can send the files to your 3D printers from the same application.


You have never had before so much control of your 3D printers, it will be as if you had it in front of you: pause, abort, extrude… A total control that allows you to know in real time parameters such as printing progress, printer status and temperatures, all of them simultaneously.


Prepare, organize and plan your 3D printing jobs, leaving them ready in the manufacturing queue. PRINT&GO ensures that production capacity utilization is in sync with forecasted demand.


Access the PRINT&GO platform from any device. We make it easy for you to work from the device that best suits any circumstance and situation and, above all, the one you feel most comfortable working with. .


PRINT&GO works with Cura, one of the most important and widely used 3D slicing applications worldwide. By implementing the Cura plug-in you will be able to send your designs directly to print, without leaving the platform.


Activate notifications and receive alerts about the different statuses and needs of the 3D printer. In addition, it is also available in the mobile version, so you can receive notifications on your smartphone without having to rely on a computer.


With PRINT&GO you can know in real time the status of your production and visualize, at any time, your 3D printers with our streaming functionality.


The privacy and protection of your data is the most important thing. PRINT&GO works with a TLS 1.2 encryption system, encrypting the communication between client and server. So that the information of all of our customers is always stored in encrypted form on AWS S3 servers encrypted and with access restrictions, with all the security that entails. The access to the 3D models is restricted in the node and there will always be a record of the users who have requested the download or who have accessed the 3D model.


Control all the files that have been uploaded to the platform, all their versions and the information of all their repetitions. With this functionality, you will be able to reuse models with good results and optimize future prints.


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