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We’re committed to helping Manufacturers meet the Highest Industry Standards.


At AMPC, we’re committed to helping manufacturers meet the highest industry standards. Use AMPC’s 3D Printfarms to increase production, optimise production processes and reduce your overall costs. Be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution with AMPC!


From rapid prototyping and tooling to series production. Additive Production has a transforming impact on the Automotive Industry. With many car companies managing facilities at different locations, AMPC’s 3D Printfarm with integrated automation software offers you the tools to create an Agile Additive Manufacturing Operation. This way you can coordinate your entire AM ecosystem and achieve complete visibility in the process.


Aerospace is pioneering the Additive Manufacturing Revolution. From lightweight components to series production. Creating the next generation of high-performance aircraft is becoming more cost-effective thanks to AM. But with a range of regulatory standards to adhere to, managing your additive manufacturing workflows can be a challenge.


Additive Manufacturing for the Healthcare and Dental Industries has helped health professionals create stronger, more precise models, tools and devices. AMPC intends to continue working with the medical world to develop a whole new generation integrated 3D Printfarm to produce products that boost the health of patients.


As the capability of 3D Printing machines grows to produce parts with multiple materials, it’s highly likely that more modular building components will be entered into the supply chain. AMPC can provide a 3D Printfarm Solution that operates 24/7 with less labor and repeatable quality.

Operational Equipment Manufacturer’s in demanding industries

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) own the design of the specific parts. OEM’s have the ability to change their parts and related manufacturing process. Manufacturing Technologies should help them with the part quality and integral part cost and cost of ownership, since they are owners of the end product.

Service providers and contractors with demanding customers

Service providers, contractors and outsourced production partners often don’t own the design of the specific parts, but are masters in manufacturing parts. They know how to tweak the manufacturing process to an optimum or combine the right manufacturing technologies to produce world class parts for their customers according to the customer requirements (technical product documentation) or functional specifications. Important succes factors are productivity, yield, uptime, etc.

Use AMPC’s 3D Printfarms to increase production, optimise production processes and reduce your overall costs

AMPC’s 3D Printfarm

An industrial 3D Printing solution to redundant reliable Additive Manufacturing.

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