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The best industrial solution for reliable Additive Manufacturing



Because of the FormNext where AMPC will be present in Hall12.1 stand 21 together with PRINTANDGO we have a special discount deal.

AMPC Pintfarm teaser

Printfarm Solutions

With the AMPC you are able to print simultaneously in multiple materials and increase production efficiency. Proven for the Ultimaker S3 and S5 models, the best desktop 3D Printers available. Also any other third party 3D Printer can be used within the AMPC.

”The AMPC offers a total solution for your Additive Manufacturing production environment”

Ultimate Quality & Service

The modular, scalable architecture of AMPC Solutions ensures maximum flexibility and allows multiple module configurations. AMPC enhances your environment with more efficiency and lower your costs.

Hardware specifications such as a thermostat regulated ventilation including air filters and lockable glass front door provide a safe production environment. Built according to safety regulations, compact and easy to manage your hardware.

Fully integrated with excisting software such as PLM. Guaranteed uptime with uninterruptable powersupplies for continuity. The producten cluster has standardised dimensions for optimal floorplanning.

This is the AMPC Printfarm 


For printer management, UPS monitoring and error signaling. Work offline or in the entire network with the professional Ultimaker software to manage your print jobs, or integrate the total solution within your network with Cura Connect.


For printer management and data transfer. In addition to a stand-alone configuration, the cluster can easily be connected to your network.


Ensure an optimum climate for the printing process and electronics, with temperature-controlled fans, including air filters to enable a healthy work environment.


For dealing with power outages, the UPS has a capacity to handle 10 to 20 minutes. Your printers will continue until the power supply is up and running.


For easy access of your 3D Printer, the printers can be fully pulled out of the rack. This enables you to replace the filament on the back or perform maintenance.


Lockable doors prevent unwanted access to the 3D Printers. Easy to open with a lockable glass front door and blind back door for maximum accessibility.