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Years and years of experience in 3D Printing solutions

AMPC founders

This is AMPC

AMPC focuses on the professional Additive Manufacturing industry. Years of experience with the founders in this sector in the field of 3D Printing has given AMPC insight. AMPC is the leader in providing advice, support and implementation of complete AM solutions.

These are the most important factors that play a rol in today’s applications of 3D Printing. AMPC wants to cover the market by cooperating with local resellers to provide the best AM solution for their customers.

Our Mission

As part of Brainport Eindhoven, AMPC has the mission of becoming the market leader for the manufacturing industry in the field of industrial AM Printfarm solutions.

With our Additive Manufacturing Production Cluster and collaboration with the top partners in the market, we offer the best solution for hardware, software and materials to optimise your production processes with AM technology.

What can we do for you?

AMPC provides advice, consulting and implementation within the Additive Manufacturing industry. In this phase AMPC will be a full partner for its customers in the Manufacturing industry. We will support your business business in implementing and keeping complex 3D Printing configurations and processes operational.

AMPC offers a line of professional Printfarms, a seemless solution in the new manufacturing process for both the plastic and metal industry.

AMPC Team of Experts

Albert Falck photo
Albert Falck
Arno Gramsma photo
Arno Gramsma
  • I’m the one who likes to embrace changes and discovering new opportunities. Jumping in to complex challenges and figuring out how to get things moving, are giving me a lot of energy. Setting clear goals and focusing on what really matters makes me successful in reaching targets. Finding creative solutions, open and honest communication and connecting people in their strenghts are for me important ways to get there.

    I love to work with people, care about their personal interests and do understand they are the most valuable asset of a company. Making sure they are engaged, reliable and feel happy in their work are important parameters for me to operate as a successful team.

  • A result- and people oriented professional with a passion for winning, strategic/conceptual thinking, strong communication and problem solving and an overall orientation to action with a strong drive to improve business, networker, pragmatic, stimulates people’s personal growth.

    Specialties: Strategy setup, Change Management, Supply Chain Improvement, Key Account Management, Additive Manufacturing, P&L, General Management

    Master of Science Business Administration.

    Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering

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