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Build the 3D Printfarm you ’ve always dreamt of

AMPC Printfarm Solutions

AMPC Solutions is accelerating industrial Additive Manufacturing of functional polymer and metal parts by offering modular, end-to-end printfarms.

The Additive Manufacturing Production Cluster provides a safe quality environment with integrated software management platform. You will able to print simultaneously in multiple materials and increase production efficiency.

AMPC cabinet solutions are offering a variety of different cabinets fitting numerous desktop 3D printer brands’different printers. This cabinet helps to safeguard 3D production operations with allowing continuous printing even in case of an electricity outage, to prevent unwanted access to the printer chamber while in use. The cabinets are fitted with an extendable rail system for a comfortable and easy access to the printer inside the cabinet.

Proven for the Ultimaker S3 and S5 models, the best desktop 3D Printers available. But also any other third party 3D printer can be used within the AMPC.

Depending on your number and type of printers you can choose for our basis cabinets.

Additive Manufacturing Production Cabinets

choose the cabinets for your ultimate printfarm.

Cabinet AMPC 10060

2.235,00 Excluding VAT

Cabinet AMPC 16080

2.795,00 Excluding VAT

Cabinet AMPC 22060

3.355,003.805,00 Excluding VAT

Industrial Filaments

Finding the right 3D printing filament for every project can be a task. Luckily we take pride in offering the right Industrial solutions to you. You can find any material, like PLA, ABS, NylonX, PETG, TPU, TPE, Flexibles, Polycarbonate, and even metal filaments!